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Any query, infinite query or mutation can be observed globally in one place.

To set up an observer extend QueryObserver and set the observer on the cached query instance or as part of the config.

void main() async {
observer: Observer(),
runApp(const MyApp());

You can set the observer at any time. = Observer();

To use an observer you must extend QueryObserver.

class Observer extends QueryObserver {

void onChange(
QueryBase<dynamic, dynamic> query,
QueryState<dynamic> nextState,
) {
super.onChange(query, nextState);

There are a few different methods that you can override:

  • onQueryCreation - When a query or infinite query is added to cache. This will only fire once in a lifetime of a query.
  • onQueryDeletion - When a query or infinite query is deleted from cache.
  • onChange - When the state of a query or infinite query is changed.
  • onError - When and error occurs in an infinite query or query.
  • onMutationCreation - When a mutation is created.
  • onMutationChange - When the state of a mutation changes.
  • onMutationError - When an error occurs in a mutation.